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When all is said and done

In just a few short weeks, puppies all go home and we are left with a quiet, less busy home and in the midst of it all are these Mama dogs. Our Freya is the latest of our girls to say goodbye to her babies and she just stole my heart. She is the very best Mama and would take care of these babies for as long as she is let to. I have never witness such a kind, gentle, PATIENT Mom dog. She chases every new family out the door and does not want her kids to go. Most of my Mama's are so ready. They are ready to stop feeding, ready to stop cleaning, they dont bat an eye when people come to take the babies home. Freya does. She notices everything. We were blessed to be able to keep one of her baby girls " Gabby Girl" as her owners are busy traveling this month. I am so happy for Freya that she gets this extra time in. She is still cleaning up, feeding this baby as if she were brand new. Its just the sweetest. Love this girl...

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