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I am so stinking excited about this next litter on the way!! We absolutely love these two we bred together in everyway! Gus is such an amazing looking dog, but his temperament matches his looks. He is the sweetest boy, he loves everyone. He is so funny, has a great sense of humor and has us cracking up daily. He is serious about work. He loves to retrieve. He is also a very serious breeder and pack leader. He has moved into his role as his dog pack leader very well and is so kind and loving to his girls. He is very gentle with the puppies and young adults as well. Gus has such a gorgeous look. He is very correct in his standard but also he has such a beautiful expression. I love his face. He has huge kind eyes and a very nice big square head. I cannot wait to see his babies and these are his first!!! We couldn't of chose a better female for him. Mia is outstanding. She is bred incredibly, she is very correct in stature. She has a beautiful feminine head and sweet kind eyes. Mia is all about love. She loves love. She will stay by my side where ever I go and the only thing that motivates her to go away from me is to retrieve and she is one amazing retriever. She is fast, agile, she is always the first to the dummy if in a group. She has amazing drive but will shut off just as soon as we are done. Mia and Gus both have stunning full coats. Mia being very light almost white and Gus being more traditional light with darker points and saddle. I could go on forever about these too and am probably going to drive everyone crazy once these puppies are born. Mia is due this week!!! YIKES!!! YIPPPEEEE!!! Stay tuned.....

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