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P   wsitive Impressions Pet Photography 

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Where first impressions mean everything!

Our Mission

Are you struggling to capture excellent photos of your 

furry friends for advertising?

Do you find it challenging to get buyers to 

respond to your sales ads?

Many of us have chosen to establish businesses involving breeding

and selling various types of pets. 

However, obtaining that perfect photo to showcase

how precious our babies are can be difficult.

When we advertise online, we only have

one opportunity to create a lasting first impression.

At Pawsitive Impressions Pet Photography, 

we specialize in taking beautiful photos of your pets

and handling all the hard work. 

You can simply use our stunning photos to advertise your pets

and present them in their best light!

With over 30 years of personal experience in 

breeding and photography, 

I've witnessed how the times have changed , 

and most sales are now conducted online. 

Unfortunately, many exceptional animals 

get overlooked due to the lack of a quality photo.

That's why I've decided to share my talents 

and help others who struggle in this area,

ultimately improving your sales prospects!

If your interested, we offer affordable breeders packages

for discussion. 

Additionally, we provide photography services for 

your personal families and pets. 

Give me a call at 530 351 4003

Stacey Young  @ Pawsitive Impressions Pet Photography

Just a few of our photos

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